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Asian Land Strategies Corp.

Modified Casa Consuelo




Floor AreaSpecification
84 sq.m.RoofTile-Span ( style roof ) 4mm thick, Pre-painted
Ceiling :
InteriorFlexlite Finish with Boysen Semi-gloss paint
ExteriorFlexlite Finish with Boysen Semi-gloss paint
Wall (ext. & int.)Plain Cement Finish with Semi-Gloss Boysen paint
Wall CladdingAdobe 2"x4"x8" bricks, Top with acrytex clear
WindowsSteel Casement Windows with 1/8" smoked glass, Painted with Boysen Quick Dry Enamel
Doors :
Main0.90mx2.10m panel door (Tangile) - Painted/Varnished
Service0.70mx2.10m panel door (Tangile) - Painted/Varnished
Bedroom0.80mx2.10m flush door - Painted with Boysen Quick Dry Enamel
Comfort Room0.60mx2.10m PVC Door - Pre Painted
Door JambsSteel (Black Iron, Ga 18) Same as door Finish
Counter12"x12" Granite
Comfort Room :
Floor8" x 8" Unglazed Ceramic Tiles
Wall12" x 8" Glazed Ceramic Tiles, Rest plain cement finish painted
With Border at the middle
Stair :
StepsCeramic tiles with anti-skid
Floor Finish :
Ground Floor12" x 12" Ceramic Tiles
Second Floor12" x 12" Ceramic Tiles
CarportPebbles with Vigan Tiles
Computation For : Casabuena de Pulilan : Modified Casa Consuelo
Reservation Only
Lot Area130.00sqm
Price per SQMP4,200.00

Lot PriceP546,000.00
Less : 5% discountP27,300.00

Net Lot PriceP518,700.00
Add :
House Price 84.00 sqm x P21,500.00P1,806,000.00

Total House & LotP2,324,700.00

20% Down PaymentP464,940.00
Less : Reservation FeeP20,000.00

Net Down PaymentP444,940.00
Divided by/ 30mos

Monthly Down Payment to start 30 days from
date of ReservationP14,831.00

80% Balance to be FinancedP1,859,760.00
Monthly Amortization to start 30 days from
Full Down Payment
5 years at 16% interest - P45,226.00/ mo
10 years at 18% interest - P33,510.00/ mo
15 years at 20% interest - P32,663.00/ mo

Disclaimer : Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


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