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Asian Land Strategies Corp.


  1. What is In-House Finance Guarantee ?

The In-House Finance Guarantee (IFG) is a non-contributory insurance that guarantees full payment of the balance of an account in case of death of the insured and upon satisfaction of the requirements for insurability. The IFG covers only natural persons aged 18 to 59 who has acquired a lot at ALSC beginning January 1, 2003. The maximum coverage is P2,000,000.00.

  1. What are the requirements for moving into my new house ?

The requirements for move-in are :

a.      Completion of Full Down Payment

b.     Payment of Miscellaneous Fee for occupancy permit, electric and water supply

c.      Issuance of Permit to Occupy after House Inspection and Acceptance

  1. Is there a penalty for late payments ?

Yes, a surcharge of Five Percent (5%) per month based on the amount due is charged for late payments. However, a grace period of two(2) days after due date is given.

  1. How will I remit my payments ?

There are several ways to remit payments :

a.      Over-the-counter at our offices in Malolos and Caloocan

b.      Pre-arranged via our collectors ( Manila & nearby provinces only )

c.      Bank-to-bank via our PNB and EPCIB accounts


  1. If I am working abroad, how do i pay for my amortizations ?

For oveseas clients, we suggest that you remit payments bank-to-bank using the following account :

Branch Name :

Equitable-PCI Bank

Branch :

San Juan - Blumentritt

Account Name :

Asian Land Strategies Corporation

Account No. :


Note :

Due to the limited information provided by banks, we request that copies of the remittance be mailed or faxed to us at +63-44-794-5539 for easy identification and credit.

However, the above requirement is no longer necessary if you remit payments thru any of Equitable PCI Bank's Express Padala Offices.


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